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How to register in MUSIK2822.COM?

In order to register in MUSIK2822.COM, you should fill out the published form in the REGISTRATION page.

What advantages do I have if I become a MUSIK2822.COM member?

Registering in MUSIK2822.COM gives you not only the opportunity of having full access to relevant information about Cuban music, but also the chance of buying the items listed in our catalogue. You can also create your own user profile, with an order history, wish list and shopping cart.

What is shipping address or shipping information?

It is the shipping address where you want us to send the items you have already purchased in MUSIK2822.COM.

What should I do if I’d like to send the products I bought to a different address from the one I gave on my personal information?

If the user wants to send the products to a different address or to a third person, should fill out the form Shipping Address on the Registration section.

What can I do if my shipping address is the same that the one in my personal information?

If the user does not specify any shipping address, then our system automatically assumes that the shipping address matches with the personal information of the MUSIK2822.COM member.

How do I modify my personal information?

To modify or change your personal information, you should visit your profile.

What is a User Profile?

It is the profile created once a MUSIK2822.COM user is registered. By means of it you can modify or change your personal information, consult your order history and change your access password anytime you want.

How can I access to my User Profile?

In order to access to your User Profile, click on the User Profile Menu of the website. You will be able to see this menu only when you have entered to our online store using your USER ID and PASSWORD.


How can I pay the items I order?


How can I know that my payment was received?

Once we have received your payment, we will send you an email confirmation notifying that shipping is in process. You can also verify the status of your order by your order history.


Which are MUSIK2822.COM Shipping Methods?

Orders are shipped by postal mail, using two ways: normal shipping and insured shipping.

What is Normal Shipping?

Normal: Safe shipping to the user but with no claim possibilities in the case of a letter lose. (Method used often in Canada, USA and Europe).

What is
insured Shipping?

Insured: safest shipping method. Special care regarding loses. (up to 100 CAD, it guaranty to the MUSIK2822 user to received the purchased good, always that it’s proved that the losses was responsibility of the shipping agency)

Are Cds protected during the shipping?

Cds will be sent with a protective coverage in a special envelope.

Which are shipping costs?

See the details in your shopping cart once you add the items to purchase.

Which are delivery periods?

See the details in your shopping cart once you add the items to purchase.

How long does a shipping take?

Shipping order will be effective in no more than 24 hours after having received the payment in our account, from Mondays to Fridays.


What does “Not Available” means? Item not available...

Even when we would like to offer the best service to our Users, it is possible that some items in our store appear “Not Available”, which means that we ran out that product by being highly demanded. In that case, we suggest you add that product to your wish list.

What is a Wish List? Ver lista de deseos...

Wish List is a tool we offer to our Users for creating a preference list with those items they do not want to buy immediately. Users can also add to their wish list Not Available products. Our staff is notified each time you add an item to your wish list and if it is Not Available, we will find a solution as soon as possible to satisfy your needs. Our Wish List do not establish a pre order of any item.

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